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MAC windsurfing was founded in 1982 and today it is the biggest Windsurfing & Wing Foiling club in South Africa. It attracts hundreds professional windsurfers & wing foilers each year resulting in global coverage in traditional and social media. The lake is considered as a safe place to sail with rescue craft and personnel. It is considered one of the best windsurf places for slalom/formula and freestyle in the world with wind ranging from light to full blown gale force. 

The club offers professional windsurfing and wingfoiling lessons via its various service providers.  You can also hire equipment from MAC or our service providers. Please contact the office or send an email to our watersport centre (  for further information. 

 Wing foiling is the latest sport developed from kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. MAC embraced this sport in 2020 and we are growing year on year. Just in-between kite foiling and wind foiling, winging combines the joy of foiling, with the excitement of jumping and surfing the waves. The simplicity of the equipment makes it very attractive for complete beginners or when travelling.

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Windsurfing & Wing foiling

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Container Storage

If you wish to store equipment in the club containers, please contact us on

Windsurf, WINGFOIL and SUP/KAYAK/Paddle Boat Rental

MAC is offering club equipment rental to its members. This is an affordable service MAC provides to windsurfing novices and intermediate sailors who would like to continue practicing this sport without having to invest into their own equipment right from the start. As a MAC member you can practice on MAC’s club equipment until you are ready to buy your own gear (hopefully more advanced).

 All boards and sails are used but are in good condition. Sails will be rigged depending on demand.

 Rental is possible only during office hours. The equipment can only be used at MAC.
Windsurfing rental fee (season June 2023 – May 2024): R150 per hour for full members and R400 for temporary members (board, rig and power joint)
Should you be interested in renting club equipment, please feel free to contact the club’s office or MAC Watersport Centre.

Rental of SUPs, Kayaks, Pedal Boat (season June 2023 – May 2024) is R30 for members and R200 for temporary members.

Should you have old equipment you would like to get rid of, i.e. would like to donate to MAC, please let us know. It will be very much appreciated!

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